• I have been doing Yoga along with Anil and team via Zoom. The Yoga lessons are helping me to stretch properly and relax properly between Yoga sessions. I like the way Anil teaches, he is very clear in his instructions and that makes it easy to follow and practice Yoga, even if you are a beginner. I am interested to continue the lessons as it provides discipline in my daily life. Thanks, Anil & Team!

  • Anil sir is one of the best teachers in teaching yoga. He is very dedicated teacher. After I have started practicing yoga my energy levels are gone up. Yoga practice is very helpful to me to reduce my stress. I want to continue to stay healthy.

  • Yoga learning from Anil Sir has been a great source of energy and refreshment. Flexibility is seen in the body and most important the joy of doing it under correct guidance made me feel confident and happy. Very happy to see numerous Yoga aspirants joining and learning it from a well experienced and trained teacher.
    Wish him all the best in his efforts..

  • I have been seeing a lot of changes in me due to yoga.I am not tired even after working or walking for long hours. Earlier I always wanted to sit and relax for more time but now I am able to work actively. Daily I travel about 120 kilometres by bus, so because of that I feel exhausted and used to be weak, and angry. I was worrying about how to get rid of this condition. At the time luckily I saw your add and joined the online yoga classes. After joining the classes I got full confidence that I will be healthy and happy. Even my friends are recognising the changes in me. I also suggested them to join the classes. Now physically I am fit and would like to concentrate on mental health. You have been teaching and making us practice a lot of pranayamas which are very useful for us and for that we are very much grateful to you. Till my weight is reduced to 65 kgs I have taken an oath to practice regularly. Even after that I will continue the practice for general fitness. Thank you Ani sir and team.

  • Anil garu is a very patient and competent Yoga teacher. He pays equal attention to everybody in the class. Even in online classes he watches what everyone is doing and provides feedback on how we can improve. I have done about 3 months of yoga so far. Yoga has helped me to focus and control my stress.

  • On an average, I almost do Yoga one hour everyday. Yoga is helping me in my physical health and mental health too. I am being more calmer and happier with YOGA practice everyday, this is the biggest benefit one could every get. I have been doing YOGA for 6+ years consistently and I could see myself follow the same for rest of my life, this is the biggest insurance I could every give it to myself. It has been helping me tremendously, it is the way of life for me, it is part and parcel of my daily routine and part of my life. Especially I enjoy the daily YOGA practice with Anil ji, he teaches us different techniques everyday and corrects us whenever it is required, he is always available for any questions or any help. Everyday I look forward to this YOGA class.

  • I had never understood Yoga as an application for healthy mind and body until 11 Oct 2004 when I had a providential encounter with colleague in military who is already familiar with Yoga and its inescapable necessity to maintain good health especially for those in sedentary lifestyle.
    In the life good health doesn't emerge out of wealth. It has to be via natural practices of physical activities. But most of us have entrapped ourselves in our pursuit for good living we all have drifted from our natural lifestyle in all facets such as eating habits, physical activity, mental outlook filled with emotive stress, sleeping habits, vices, overdrive etc..
    In the midst of these downfalls I was noticed by my Yoga familiar colleague who got himself revived from disastrous waist down paralysis from yoga ashram . He noticed me suffering with vertigo, low/high BP, hypoglycemia, muscle twitching, indigestion, gastroenteritis issues, frequent cold, bad breath etc..
    To tell in one line he saved me in fifteen days with practice of pranayama and changes in lifestyle like eating, sleeping and thinking.Since then I have never given up yoga as daily life activity.Salute Patanjali Maharshi and now Anil garu to have shown a methodical and systematic professional scientific approach to maintain body and mind. Jai Hind.

  • After attending just 2 sessions, my body and mind felt so relaxed and I decided to make it a routine in daily life. The stretches that we practice during the asanas everyday slowly started to make my body so flexible. It also helped me lose weight though i was not in it primarily for weight loss.It helped with a holistic improvement both physically and mentally. Physically, it made me much more flexible than I ever was. Mentally, it felt more pleasant and gave a soothing experience due to the practice of meditation. All in all, Anil sir's yoga helped transform me and helped unfold the importance of yoga in our daily life. Not only did it help in loss of some weight, but also it has had a deeper impact in many ways to improve my health and lifestyle - in ways that I can only reflect upon my previous self and experience the difference.Though I have been doing yoga remotely from a different country it still used to feel as if I am doing in the physical presence of sir & madam.
    Anil sir has been so helpful in monitoring the asanas and correcting any mistakes which made me learn the asanas in the right way.Both Anil sir and Saritha madam are punctual with timing and with a lot of dedication in teaching yoga along with the shlokas that go with the asanas. They also stress on the relevance of the asanas and its benefits.
    They have been very helpful with clarifying doubts after the session with repeat demonstrations where needed. Till date I have never seen them getting irritated or frustrated to explain it repeatedly over and over a period of time whenever there is a question to know about a particular asana.Most importantly, Anil sir's sincerity and dedication towards teaching of yoga comes from his immense love for Yoga and his passion for service. This truly makes the yoga learning experience from him unique and all the more special. I am so fortunate and pleased to be a part of these wonderful sessions and looking forward to continuing with the same zeal.

  • About yoga Teacher: Awesome teacher and Anil garu has all qualities that one yoga teacher has to do like patience, attention to everyone.About yoga practice, experience: I’m enjoying it and previously I didn’t attend regularly due to my work load and weather conditions. But now I’m trying to attend it on daily basis. I think I can see some good benefits when I start attending daily. I do have thyroid problem and observe my levels are maintaining now. I came to canada 1.5 years back and my levels were very rapidly because of no exercise, walking (this is snow area and it won’t allow us go out all the times). Thank god and Anil garu to have this opportunity. It helps me to practice from home without going anywhere. I really appreciate your efforts and commitment that you have for this program.

  • I liked your classes..I am doing yoga for first time..I am able to do all poses.. it’s comfortable and easy for anyone.

  • Anil sir is very knowledgeable about the different poses and aasanaas. He is truly an expert in the field of yoga. Despite having to conduct classes online, the classes are conducted in an orderly fashion by giving equal individual attention to each student. Anil sir is able to point out the mistakes and correct them, which is very helpful in perfecting the aasanas. One really good thing is that aasanaas are recommended according to the various problems of attendees and hence really help in overcoming them. I truly admire his and his wife’s commitment towards the class.


    It has been just three weeks since I joined the class, but I have seen significant health benefits. My sciatica pain has subsided a lot. My stamina has gone up and I feel more energetic and peaceful. It’s a new learning each day.

  • I was suffering from severe acidity, constipation and digestion problems. It was so severe that evening drinking water use to trigger acid reflux in me. None of the medicines were helping me but Pavanamukthasana and other asanas that you are making us do regularly is really helping me a lot. My digestion has improved and gastric problems have reduced to considerable extent. I am almost able to eat normal food now. Sincere thanks to you for that. Also your very simple but very effective meditation classes on Saturdays and Pranayama techniques have made me de-stress myself very effectively given the kind of profession I am into and these fearful days due to the prevailing Corona pandemic.

  • I love all my days starting with Yoga which helped me in having a cheerful and energetic days. I felt the difference after joining yoga, before this program I used to wake up late, worried about tasks and used to live hectic day. But now I feel like I am mentally and physically active whole day, as I am waking up early I am organizing things as well. My heartfelt thanks to Anil sir and madam for teaching Yoga and for your patience and dedication in clarifying all our doubts. The way you both taught inspired me to stick to your classes without failing. Hope to see many more such useful sessions from you both. Many thanks to you again.

  • Anil Sir is Very calm composed and peaceful teacher. Can't think of anyone who can teach Yoga better. It's a way of Life. You inspire us Sir!About yoga practice, experience and how yoga helped me:- I look forward to doing yoga now. Wonderful way to start my day. It sets my mood for the day. Relaxes me and I am enjoying it. Trying to spread the word to others for their benefit too. My entire family is doing yoga now.

  • I have gone to yoga classes in past, but I felt these class are really nicely done. Teacher is calm and explain the steps very well for us to follow and guide in achieving proper posture for all the asanas.
    About my yoga practice, experience :
    I had a personal trainer to train on High Intensity Training, but I was not coping well. I used to get reflex after the training session. I have not had that with Yoga. I can see difference in past month. I feel more flexible and my problems with cramps has highly reduced.

  • Yoga classes are organized and presented  well. Initially when started I was doubtful weather I will be capable of doing or not but your instructions made asanas with very ease.

  • Anil Sir is Absolutely fantastic teacher. Look forward to the yoga classes and hate to miss any of his classes.Earlier I could not sleep on my stomach for more than 5 seconds. Now, I can happily fall asleep on my stomach. My body is now more flexible.
    I am losing the excess weight and the body is toning up and I feel more fresh throughout the day.

  • These yoga classes have added a great value to my life, especially during this pandemic. It is wonderful to see the physical exercises are synchronized with breath, each enhancing the other. Especially our instructor Anil knows how to enlighten us somehow to stretch a little more. His incredible patience and insightful explanations that gave us understanding of the the value of each posture is very commendable. Many words of wisdom he shared with us every evening brought many happy moments. I thank Anil and his wife Sarita for these wonderful yoga classes. Though I felt little discomfiture in my body at the beginning, with practice of 25 to 30 days I feel lot more flexible. One of the clear improvements I can immediately share is that I am able to stretch more and my breath has greatly been improved.

  • The  Yoga with Anil course was a wonderful way for me to explore and experience Yoga, pranayama with little bit meditation. After attending one week of Yoga, my body starts become flexible and now after completion of 28 days, felt more flexible. My mind experienced a fresh feel, hopefully this is due to Yoga. I am very much confident, if I continue Yoga practice for some more period, my body will be more flexible and my mind will be much peaceful.
    The teaching methodology with different techniques of Yoga by Shri Anil Guruji is very much appreciable and he has excellent art of explanation with high dedication. Special thanks to Smt. Saritha for giving her great support to Guruji. Hope both will definitely continue to serve the Yoga society with high level of dedication. The most important thing I learned from these Classes is time management and dedication which will be very useful in our routine life. I really enjoyed the course.
    I express my sincere Thanks to the couple for giving their wonderful explanations with high dedication and discipline. All the very best for both and Namaskar…

  • Yoga teacher is  Very calm and composed person. Dutiful , passionate and very hardworking.
    Yoga classes helped me I'm currently in 12th grade and will be writing my boards this year so yoga has helped me ease out my stress and helped me from losing weight. It has helped me focus better and it's very peaceful.

  • This is first ever Yoga  class I attended. For sure I can say my body elasticity is improving. I would like to continue further. Regarding Yoga teacher, Anil Sir's technique and explanation was excellent.

    This yoga class is really very good. As per the advice of my brother I joined these classes somewhere in mid September. I observed that I am able to do my work more easily, body flexibility increased, no stiffness anywhere. I developed interest and started doing some selected asanas in the morning also. My weight also reduced by 3 to 4 Kg. I really appreciate the efforts of Anil Sir. The class is also helping me to try different types of pranayama techniques.
    Anil ji is tremendous in explaining the benefits of each asana and teaching the technique of doing asana.

  • Very well organized sessions covering yoga,  pranayama and meditation. Systematically planned classes with simple and clear instructions. Each and every participant is observed during the class and clear guidance is given. Wonderful experience.  Lot of improvement in flexibility and general fitness. Thank you Mr. Anil

  • My experience of yoga with Anil garu is very pleasing & delightful.


    I was mainly focusing on meditation and breathing excercises which made me to have very good sleep and peace of mind , Anil garu is very flexible and customise the yoga to help you with your individual needs. 

    With in short span of time, i felt that sir is there for me for any of the sort of issues I face. 

    Thank you Anil garu and again I am very much motivated with your classes.

  • I have been doing Yoga along with Anil and team via Zoom. The Yoga lessons are helping me to stretch properly and relax properly between Yoga sessions. I like the way Anil teaches, he is very clear in his instructions and that makes it easy to follow and practice Yoga, even if you are a beginner. I am interested to continue the lessons as it provides discipline in my daily life. Thanks, Anil & Team!

  • Anil Sir Thank You very much. There is so much better feeling, stress has reduced, concentration has increased, peaceful and mindfulness. I'm align with My Body and Mind. Thank you for Grateful Service. God bless you Be happy. I'm Grateful for you Sir Jai Gurudev.

  • The Yoga lessons with Anil helps me stretch properly and also helps with proper relaxation technique. Anil is very patient, and clear and crisp in his communication. The yoga lessons are great, and we would like to continue with Anil &Team as it fits in our daily schedule. Thanks, Anil!

  • About Yoga Teacher - Very professional, simple, knowledgeable, sincere and punctual. Treasure of knowledge
    My Experience - The yoga sessions have really been helping me to stay fit and healthy. Each session has balanced mix of easy and tough poses that make the sessions both intensive as well relaxing at same time. Also, each session consists of various asanas which strengthen different parts of the body. Yoga guru Mr. Anil is highly knowledgeable and focuses on all students equally in the class. He immediately corrects any of our mistakes and at times follow up with a personal call after the end of the session in case needed. We never felt it was a live session and always experienced it as a personal one-on-one session. Last but not the least, this is one of the most economical way to learn high quality Yoga in the world.

  • Anil Sir and Saritha Madam, I really want to thank you for holding these Online classes. I have been attending since September 2020 and I have benefited a lot.Your slow, calm, relaxed step by step approach of teaching the asanas is what I liked very much. They are very easy to follow and understand. I also like the way you explain the benefits of each and every asana which makes us get involved even more than just mechanically doing. Thank you also for the detailed meditation classes every Saturday. They are very relaxing and very much needed in this busy and stressful world of ours. Also you are very kind and follow up with us through phone calls to understand how we are doing and if we are facing any issues. I am looking forward to attending your yoga classes as long as you continue to hold them.
    Yoga classes helped you - Because of your Yoga classes, my Blood Sugar levels and Blood pressure are very much under control. I am now very flexible and able to do all daily chores very comfortably at this age of 63. Also your very simple but very effective meditation classes on Saturdays and Pranayama techniques have made me feel very peaceful and calm always.