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With over 20 years of experience in teaching Yoga to students of various backgrounds, and different age groups, I can clear your doubts and design specific course modules and sessions to cater your personal and group needs.

Thanks to the technology, now you can attend Yoga and Meditation sessions from any where in the world via our Online course modules.

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Yoga means:

  • To Engage
  • To Get Involved
  • To Participate
  • To Connect

Yoga is a process. It’s active. It’s the way you engage with the world to create harmony. Yoga is how we participate and create relationship.

  • I love all my days starting with Yoga which helped me in having a cheerful and energetic days. I feel like I am mentally and physically active whole day.My heartfelt thanks to Anil sir and madam for teaching Yoga and for your patience and dedication in clarifying all our doubts. The way you both taught inspired me to stick to your classes without failing. Hope to see many more such useful sessions from you both.